Christmas and 2018

Happy Christmas to all our members and we hope to see you all in the New Year.
A early version of the 2018 events has been sent to the members and once more are confirmed we will send out revised version.


Antics Open Day

Thanks to Antics for holding an event and the Goldenvalleymrc for the use of their Test Track.   They had a great turnout of around 40 people with lots of our members which maid for a great day.
Photos from the event as below.

AGM News & Hardwicke

Last Sunday at Northwood Green we had our annual AGM.
For those who were unable to attend the meeting we hope see you soon.
There was not much news to notice.   We have to thanks all those that have helped and given donations. Also the members that have organized and held Events,  especially those who have invited us to their homes.

We are now taking renewals on memberships which can taken any time between now and Hardwicke.

The Election of Officers resulted in last years being re selected for this coming year.

Hardwicke has been booked for March 25th 2018 and watch this space and the blog for more details and info about layouts and traders.

At the moment we will not be attending the Bristol O Gauge show in January as they are having a move around and have chosen to have groups from further a field.  This may change and we will let you know if does.

Thanks must go out to Fred Lewis (Our Guild representative) for attending the AGM a showing his continued support of the group.
The next event is at Northwood Green 19th November.

Hope to see you all soon,


Hardwicke 001-500

Hardwicke 2017

Hardwicke was another great success.
Thanks must go out to all the Layouts, Traders and all the people that made the day work. We couldn’t have done it without them.
Below are some photos from the show.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera so the photos were taken with my phone.


Hi all.
Just a reminder that it is our Hardwicke Event next Sunday 19th. Any members that would like to help set up are more than welcome.
Set up starts between 8.30 – 9.  Show officially opens at 10.00.    Please try to share cars if possible, as you are all probably aware that the car park is small.
Hope to see you there
Hardwick Poster 1